For many people, the words “financial planning” suggest a complex, time-consuming trip into the unknown. At Infinity Financial Services, we want you to think of financial planning more like the yellow brick road. We help you build and follow a path to the future you’ve always wanted, with dedicated guidance, no matter the direction life takes you. This financial journey is all about YOU. By discovering your goals and aspirations, we can create a personal roadmap that helps you reach them. Get started by exploring your options below.

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We offer five affordable financial plans to help you manage retirement, education, insurance, budgeting, or all of these combined. We make it easy to buy online, then collaborate personally with your advisor. There are four distinct plans, Budgeting, Education, Retirement, and Insurance, available at $99 each, to suit a variety of needs; or you can opt for the Complete Financial Plan that will help map out all aspects of your financial future. Whatever plan you choose, we’ll be there to guide you every step of the way.

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Take a Tour of Our Financial Planning Process

We don’t impose rigid rules on you and instead believe that financial planning should be a collaborative process. You’ll work closely with your advisor to set expectations about tasks, timing, and results. We have created a 5-step planning process that helps empower you to become financially successful. These are the five steps: Pick and Pay for Your Plan, Set Timelines and Goals, Share and Validate Data, Review Your Action Plan, and Decide How to Carry Out the Plan. Your financial advisor will be available to meet with you inperson, online, or by phone to allow you maximum flexibility.

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We’ll Work With Your Financial Team

Your financial life is made up of many aspects, like taxes, investments, insurance, and legal matters, and Infinity can help you manage them. Your financial team will be led by an Infinity Financial Services advisor who will focus on personal assets, investments, liabilities, and budgeting, as well as these needs and goals: family, lifestyle, retirement, and risk tolerance. If applicable, your advisor will also handle business assets and succession planning preferences. The other members of your team may include a lawyer, a banker and/or trust officer, company benefits director, and an insurance provider.

These professionals can collaborate on your behalf when it comes to estate and legacy planning, tax planning, and business succession planning. Working with a financial team helps ensure planning accuracy and a comprehensive strategy to help minimize taxes, reduce expenses, protect assets, and improve risk-adjusted investment returns.

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