How We Simplify the
Financial Planning Process at Infinity


Infinity Financial Services views the financial planning process as a collaborative one in which both sides seek to achieve a common goal: your success. We don’t impose rigid rules on you - instead, we encourage you and your Infinity financial advisor to assess your current financial position, compare it towhere you’d like to be, and then set expectations regarding tasks, timing, and results related to your unique objectives. No matter your starting or ending point, we have the tools and experience to help you become financially successful.

Here’s an overview of the financial planning process we ask our clients to follow:

Pick and Pay for Your Plan

  • Review our Elevate plan options. There are five affordable plans to choose from, each tailored towards a specific planning goal: Complete Financial Plan, Budgeting Plan, Education Plan, Retirement Plan, and Insurance Plan.
  • Get a free portfolio checkup. Our online investment analysis tool can tell you whether you’re paying too much in fees with your current portfolioand provide a target allocation based on your financial goals. If you like what you see, you can invest with us directly from this online tool.
  • View our Finance Logix demo, which is another online application that allows you to set up a profile and financial planning targets.
  • Select your plan(s) and pay securely online. It’s a shopping cart experience that helps you quickly purchase plans and set appointments with your advisor.


Set Timelines and Goals

  • Meet your Financial Advisor in-person, online, or via phone. Whatever your preference, we make it work.
  • Tell us your financial planning expectations. As mentioned above, this is a collaborative process. The more we know, the better we can advise, and the better your results will be.
  • Work with your advisor to set recurring meeting dates.

Share and Validate Data

  • Do your best to stay on schedule. Life is busy – there are never enough hours in the day. But staying on schedule will help you achieve your goals that much quicker.
  • Share data electronically or on paper. With our flexible process, you can do either.
  • Get your Elevate login and create a profile
  • Enter info into our Finance Logix online planner
  • Do it all yourself or we’ll assist you. Some of our clients like handling things themselves, while others , especially those new to financial planning, like having a helping hand.
  • Have your data professionally verified.

Review Your Action Plan

  • Discover planning opportunities that arise from our analysis..
  • Receive a formal plan document. This is a tangible financial plan that you can use to work toward your individual goals.
  • Discuss ways to execute your personal action plan. Share your thoughts with your Financial Advisor and get feedback and suggestions.

Decide How to Execute the Plan

  • Invest at least $25,000 with Infinity and build an Elevate Digital Portfolio that we’ll manage together OR
  • Invest on your own, guided by our Elevate action plan and Finance Logix online tools.

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