It Takes Teamwork
To Execute a Financial Plan

Investments. Taxes. Insurance. Legal matters. Real estate. Your financial life is made up of many aspects that are related to one another. At Infinity, we help you organize, understand, and manage your financial life today and in the future.


Coordinate Your Financial Team

America has one of the most complex financial markets in the world, complicated even more by the tax laws. Understanding even one aspect is a full-time job. That’s why you’ll inevitably partner with others to execute your plan, even if you manage it yourself.

We can coordinate efforts with the valued members of your “financial team,” like attorneys, accountants, insurance agents, or third- party plan administrators. Working with these professionals helps ensure planning accuracy and a comprehensive strategy to help minimize taxes, reduce expenses, protect assets, and improve risk-adjusted investment returns.

Here’s an example of what the typical financial team looks like, along with common financial tasks on which we consult with these professionals:

Your Life and Financial Team

/financial team WheelGraphic

Professional Collaboration on Your Behalf


Estate & Legacy Planning

This service helps ensure that your assets are transferred to your beneficiaries before and after your death, according to your wishes.

  • We first get to know you, your life circumstances, and your legacy goals.
  • We’ll be your advocate as you and your lawyer create a Last Will and Testament, Power of Attorney, and Healthcare Proxy. It may also include Trust accounts to eliminate the uncertainties of probate for your heirs.
  • We evaluate your net worth and anticipated inheritance taxes, and we suggest strategies to increase the estate value passed to heirs.
  • We work with your estate attorney to prepare and implement a modern plan, consistent with current laws.
  • Your plan helps maximize the value of your estate assets by minimizing taxes and other expenses. It can also help ensure that estate settlement will be as efficient and accurate as possible and that planned giving choices while alive will not erode your financial legacy.

Tax Planning

Money you can avoid spending is just as important to your bottom line as the money you earn. We ask you to tell us about your individual goals and circumstances.

  • We can help coordinate tax planning efforts with your accountant and/or tax attorney by analyzing your taxable income and looking for strategies to reduce tax liabilities. This can include strategically scheduling eligible deductions, scheduling stock sales to minimize capital gains, and tax-loss harvesting.
  • We may also recommend simple, yet effective, charitable giving strategies that reduce your taxable estate and help you to maximize tax deductions.
  • For education savers, we will also explore investment strategies to reduce your taxable estate and generate tax-free asset growth.

Business Succession Planning

As a business owner, you want to protect your ownership interest upon disability, retirement, or death. Creating a business succession plan gives peace of mind to your successor(s) and your family by providing timely settlement of your estate and a more seamless transition process.

  • Your advisor works with you to establish your goals, identify potential scenarios, and create a decision-making process.
  • We create your estate plan, which includes business succession and transition plans. Traditional business transfer methods include cross-purchase and entity agreements that are typically funded by life insurance.
  • We assist you in determining today how the business will be valued, eliminating the need for valuation at death.
  • If you have a family-owned business, we will discuss these key succession issues:
    • Transition of the business to the next generation
    • Alignment of family interests and avoidance of disputes
    • A fair and balanced buyout agreement
    • Estate and inheritance issues
  • We work closely with your business lawyer and accountant to ensure the plan considers all legal and taxation ramifications.
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