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Consult Infinity's FAQs for information about our financial planning process, Elevate accounts and services, online security, and important disclosures.

Getting Started – About Our Process

What’s involved in the planning process?

You start by reviewing Elevate plan options, then chat with an Infinity advisor about selecting a plan. After you purchase the plan online, you meet with your advisor to discuss your financial situation and set target dates for tasks and meetings. You can enter financial data into your online “My Account” dashboard yourself or have your advisor enter it for you. It’s our responsibility to promptly verify the information provided, alert you if something is missing, thoroughly analyze the data, and present you with a clear action plan. See our Planning Process from start to finish.

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How many conversations/meetings will I have with my advisor?

We encourage you to set expectations with your planner about timelines for meetings and other tasks. Typically, our initial conversation will focus on your financial life and goals, followed by one or two meetings to enter and review financial data online. Set a meeting schedule that’s convenient for you and do your best to stick to it. We’ll accommodate your needs by meeting in person, by telephone, or via web conference.

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What kind of information do I need to gather for my planner?

You don’t need to gather documentation for our initial conversation. You and your planner will start by discussing your financial life in qualitative, rather than quantitative, terms. We want to know your thoughts behind the financial decisions you’ve made and the priorities that led you to seek professional planning. Next, we will need basic information about your financial goals and accounts.

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How do you gather information about my goals and accounts?

There are three ways to do this:

  • Access your online My Accountdashboard (powered by Finance Logix) and enter your information securely with the assistance of an Infinity advisor. We can do this during a phone conversation and/or we can share the computer screen together.
  • Access your My Account dashboard and enter your information securely on your own.
  • Complete and return our Profile questionnaire and email or fax it to your advisor who will enter your data into your My Account dashboard
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What should I have ready and available for entering my data?

There are three ways to do this:

  • Passwords and IDs for your online bank, brokerage, retirement and benefits accounts, 529 accounts, etc.We will never ask you for this information. Instead you may enter it securely in your online My Account dashboard yourself.
  • A list of the values of financial accounts for which you don’t have online access.
  • A recent pay stub, which contains a valuable information about retirement plan contributions, withholding and taxation, and group insurance policies.
  • A list of your major monthly expenses (mortgage, rent, loans, gas, electric, cable, phone, trash hauling, sewer, water, landscaping, snow removal, car insurance, homeowners and/or renters insurance, etc.).
  • A list of your other life, health, long term care, and disability insurance policies (where applicable) with basic policy information.
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How much time do I need to spend entering data online?

If your financial information is very organized, you’ll likely finish entering data in a few hours, depending on the plan you choose. If your plan is more complex, data entry can take several days. Your advisor helps you keep the process moving with advice and online entry support.

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What do you do with the information I provide?

We help you create a profile, enter financial data, and link your accounts securely within your My Account (powered by Finance Logix), if you wish. You and your advisor can share access or you alone can manage your accounts. We validate all data to ensure the highest level of accuracy on which to base your plan. Once verified, your advisor uses the information to find answers to your questions and create a detailed action plan.

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Can I choose with whom I will work?

We will provide you with a planning professional, based on availability. If you have an existing relationship with an Infinity advisor, we make every effort to accommodate your wishes. If you have no preference, we’ll recommend an advisor for you.

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I can’t take time during my work day to meet. Are you available after hours?

Absolutely! We understand that you’re busy, and we are happy to meet with you in person, by telephone, or via web conference after normal business hours.

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How long will it take for you to complete my plan?

The answer depends upon the complexity of the plan, how quickly you provide and enter data, and the accuracy of your financial information. Though we give you a framework and tools to simplify the process, we count on you to follow through and keep things moving. Generally, we can produce recommendations within a week after your information is validated and analyzed.

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Can I work with you to create a financial plan without investing or buying other services?

You don’t have to invest with Infinity to take advantage of our planning services. Financial planning is designed to be a fee-only compensation arrangement because we offer unbiased recommendations for set fees. Choose the working relationship that makes the most sense for you. See our compensation arrangements for more details.

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What are my options for carrying out the plan?

You can have Infinity manage and monitor your investments or you can use our recommendations to invest on your own. If investing yourself, you’ll have access to your advisor for 90 days following plan delivery. Your Finance Logix tools are yours to use for 6 months – whether you invest with us or not. You have the option for quarterly, semi-annual, annual, or any-time reviews with your planner for a consultation fee. If we manage your assets, plan reviews are provided to you at no charge.

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My Elevate Account

Do I have to download software to manage my accounts online?

No, your advisor sends you a link to our cloud-based online tool, Finance Logix®, and sets up a temporary user ID and password. We offer you an online tour of features and screens associated with your plan. You’ll have 24/7 access to real-time account data, and you can opt to use its handy mobile application.

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How do I login to My Account dashboard within Finance Logix?

Click on the Client Login icon in the top right corner of You’ll be prompted to enter your username and password. If you have forgotten your password, click on the link to have it reset.

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How do I link my financial accounts to Finance Logix?

If you choose to link your financial accounts online, you’ll need your login IDs and passwords for each financial institution you want to set up. The Finance Logix interface makes it easy to link and manage your accounts with just a few clicks. Your advisor is happy to assist you in this process.

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What can I do on the My Account page?

When you login and access My Account, you have several options within your dashboard. You can manage your Elevate account, view pending appointments, see your plan transaction history, make new payments, and download your financial plan documents. You can also contact the Infinity team for support.

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Is Finance Logix your proprietary software?

No, we partner with Finance Logix, a company that provides online financial tools. Infinity planners provide the recommendations and advice, while Finance Logix connects you to the data and your advisor.

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If I don’t link my financial accounts online, can you still create a plan for me?

Yes, we don’t require you to link accounts and aggregate your data. You have the flexibility to enter account balances yourself, if you find that easier and faster. Just be aware that real-time data provides the freshest view of your financial picture, which helps your planner create the most accurate plan.

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Online Security and Disclosures

How can I determine if there are blemishes on your advisory record?

We invite you to visit the FINRA BrokerCheck link within the bottom navigation of this web site to conduct a broker check for our firm and its advisors.

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Where can I find Form ADV for your firm?

You can download ADV Part I here. Form ADV II for your advisor and your Elevate Agreement are sent to you via an email link when you register with Elevate. You can also access these documents in Key Forms & Documents on the News & Insights page. 

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How do you protect my financial data online?

We keep your personal information private and secure. We don’t share or use it for any purpose other than creating your financial plan. Finance Logixand havesecure servers to protect your information using advanced encryption techniques and firewall technology. "Cookies" are used on this site to keep track of your current Elevate shopping sessionso that you may retrieve your cart at any time and login to your account.View Finance Logix privacy and security policies for complete details.

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Do you store my credit card information?

No, we do not store that data on our site. To make a purchase on, you submit your name, billing address, and telephone number, along with your credit card data. Our secure payment gateway uses this information to process your payment.

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Who has access to my financial data in your firm?

Members of the Infinity team, including FINRA registered representatives and/or Certified Financial Planners™ will have access to your financial information only for the purposes of creating your plan. You can be assured that all information is kept confidential, and our online tool provides the highest level of security.

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