Let Insight Guide Your Retirement Decisions...Not Hindsight

Everyone knows you can’t expect to live comfortably in retirement without thoughtful planning, right?  Not quite. A recent global retirement survey by HSBC found that nearly two-thirds of retirees didn’t know they were financially unprepared until after they retired.*  That’s a lot of people worldwide who didn’t realize the consequences of poor planning until hindsight provided an unsettling view.  

We all tend to put up our own roadblocks when it comes to preparing for retirement. But, meaningful insight from an experienced financial advisor can help change the way you think about long-term planning. Consider your reasons for putting off saving for retirement, and see how professional guidance can change your perspective:

You think you’re too young to start planning.

Retirement seems light years away when your adult life and career are just taking off. But, the earlier you get started, the easier it is to save over time. Putting away even small amounts consistently, taking advantage of employer retirement plans, and sticking to a budget greatly increase your chances of saving enough. Get to know an advisor who can help you make sense of your finances early on.

You have no idea how much you’ll need.

In the study mentioned earlier, almost one-third of those surveyed said that they didn’t realize how much money they’d need to maintain their lifestyle in retirement. The average length of retirement is about 20 years, but with increasing life expectancy, your assets may need to support you even longer. An objective advisor can help by analyzing your financial life and creating investment targets that bring you closer to your goals.

You’ve got more immediate needs for that money.

It may seem impossible to stretch your paycheck beyond daily expenses, but often, there are little things you can do to save money. Making smart decisions about everyday spending and limiting credit card debt can put you in a better overall position to save. Taking advantage of employer retirement plan matching also helps you save effortlessly. An experienced advisor can offer investment ideas that may never have crossed your mind. 

You’re overwhelmed by all the savings options.

With so many choices out there, it’s not so easy to determine the best savings vehicle that suits your financial situation and goals. Retirement planning can be complex, and that’s where a trusted financial professional can be invaluable. Your advisor assesses your complete financial picture to come up with recommendations that are specifically tailored to your needs.


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*The Future of Retirement, A balancing act - published in 2015 by HSBC Holdings plc
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